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Laser Treatments

At ANEWU we strive to offer not only the most sought after medical spa treatments but also the safest and most effective. With so many laser options available to treat the same condition it can be confusing to know which is the best option. You can rest assured that we researched and tested every laser prior to offering the service to our patients. For that reason you will notice that many of the common laser services that you may find offered elsewhere are not offered by us. We recognize that you work hard for your money. Your results are our reputation and therefore we only offer treatments that we believe are safe and consistently deliver results that are worth the investment.

Laser Hair Removal

We are pleased to offer state of the art laser treatments for the long term removal of unwanted hair for women, men and teens. This method is specifically designed to remove unwanted hair faster, less painfully and more effectively than traditional methods of long term hair removal such as electrolysis. Laser hair removal is FDA approved for “permanent hair reduction.” At ANEWU, we can treat all skin types safely and effectively. To learn more about laser hair removal click here.


Photorejuvenation uses laser light to treat brown spots caused by sun damage as well as vascular lesions, broken blood vessels and redness from rosacea. During this treatment we use one of two lasers or both to specifically address your concerns. Each laser has a specific wavelength of light that is attracted to a particular color. One laser likes the color brown and is therefore used for brown pigmented lesions while the other laser likes the colors red, blue and purple and therefore is used to treat vascular lesions, blood vessels to the face and legs as well as rosacea and discoloration to the neck caused by poikloderma and “red spots” (hemangiomas) to the torso. To learn more about photorejuvenation click here.

Leg Veins

Sclerotherapy has been the “gold standard” for treatment of leg veins for many years. The advent of laser has offered a faster and more cost effective means of treating leg veins. Sclerotherapy is typically recommended for the deeper, larger leg veins while laser is reserved for the finer more superficial veins. Lasers emit a specific wavelength of light that is attracted to the pigment of the vein. The heat from the laser causes the vessel wall to spasm and become sticky, causing the walls to adhere to themselves and the blood to coagulate. Over time the body begins to breakdown the vessel. Sclerotherapy is an injectable procedure that uses a solution to cause a similar reaction. At ANEWU we often combine both modalities to effectively treat leg veins. To learn more about laser services for leg veins click here.

Laser Tattoo Removal

ANEWU Medical Spa has been providing laser tattoo removal since 2006. Lasers emit various wavelengths of light. Each wavelength is attracted to a specific color. Therefore; multi-colored tattoos require multiple wavelengths of light to be effective. We are proud to be able to offer multi-color tattoo removal for all ink colors except yellow and white. As the energy from the laser heats up the ink it begins to break up the pigment. Over time the body dissolves the pigment and the tattoo begins to fade. To learn more about multi-color laser tattoo removal click here.