Welcome to a higher level of care
“Our goal at ANEWU Medical Spa is to offer an expert level of care in a comfortable environment while providing personalized education to address your individual needs.”


“I am very satisfied with all of the procedures that I have had done at ANewU. My treatment experience and results are great. The staff is very professional, courtesy, and friendly. Everyone is accommodating, knowledgeable and do not pressure me into services or products that I do not need. I’ll definitely be back and will recommend you to my family and friends.”

- Deborah

“I love ANewU from the knowledgeable staff with great personalities to the quality care before and after a treatment. I love the way I look after my treatments. They allow the world to see the same beautiful, self confident me on the exterior that I feel on the interior.”

- Kim

“The ANewU staff friendly and knowledgeable. The confidence I have when I look in the mirror priceless.”

- Linda

“The staff is very friendly and informative with procedures being performed. I would go back again and give a good recomendation to people that might be interested in any of the procedures they perform.”

- Marie

“I had fantastic results from the services I received at ANewU Medical Spa. Holly and her staff are highly trained and very professional. I have had several services there including laser hair removal and chemical peels.

“Holly and her staff go out of their way to make sure I understand the benefits and any potential side effects from the service. Holly is extremely ethical in her approach to patient care and will only proceed with a service when it is safe to do so. It is this aspect of her office that I have benefited from and greatly appreciate.

“I have recommended ANew U Medical Space to all my friends and will continue to do so.”

- Michelle

“ANewU has a very professional atmosphere. The nurses are top notch at what they do! I won't go anywhere else. Thanks for being so awesome.”

- Nancy

“ANewU is the best place for 'various skin treatment' I could possibly find. They are very knowledgeable, well-trained, explain everything very carefully (the 'pros and cons' ... what to do and not to do ... what will work best for each individual. I would highly recommend them to any person considering any sort of 'face treatment' (which is what I had there) ... I am certain that everything ANewU does is done just as professionally ... and next time they 'offer a special,' I think it is time for a 'tune-up' for me.”

- Sarah