Enhance and restore the natural beauty of your skin with ANewU Medical Spa skin care services (*). With several treatment options available to treat acne It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what treatment is best for your skin. A consultation is required for all patients to assess the skin and the severity of the condition. At the time of consultation, treatment options are discussed to determine what would work best for your lifestyle, goals and budget. Please read below to briefly learn about each of the services we provide and click on their respective links to learn more about each service.


Facial Mask

A facial is a customized treatment for all skin types used to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Your treatment starts with a cleansing of the skin followed by an enzyme peel, extractions, massage and mask for your skin type. For best results, we recommend that you receive a facial every 4 weeks or on a seasonal basis depending on your needs (*).

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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is a treatment used to refresh the skin (*). The goal of treatment is to exfoliate the outermost, dead layer of skin cells, thereby revealing the newer healthier skin (*). By exfoliating the outermost layer of skin, at home skin care products and in office treatments are more effective (*). Chemical peels may be performed as a series to treat specific conditions such as acne, uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation, and rosacea or they may be performed to help refresh the skin as needed (*). We offer mild to medium depth peels using a combination of various forms of chemicals and enzymes. In some instances the skin may not peel and in others peeling may last for 1-3 weeks (*).

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Diamond Tome Crystal-Free Microdermabrasion


Crystal-free microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skincare procedure that uses a diamond encrusted wand to gently remove dead skin cells making your at home skin care products work more effectively (*). With little to no downtime, microdermabrasion is a great treatment to gently polish your skin while stimulating collagen and elastin leaving your skin with a healthy glow (*). It is an excellent procedure to combine with other anti-aging treatments such as photo-rejuvenation and chemical peels.

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Ultrasonic Facial Treatment

Ultrasonic Facial

The Dermasound ultrasonic facial treatment uses low frequency ultrasonic sound waves and micro-current to gently cleanse, exfoliate, and tone the skin (*). It is an excellent treatment to help nourish dry skin, control oil and calm inflamed skin as seen with acne and rosacea (*). When combined with topical formulations such as peptides, antioxidants and growth factors it is the perfect treatment that can be customized for the individual (*). It may be used in combination with other procedures such as facials, chemical peels and photo-rejuvenation or as a stand alone treatment.

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(*) Individual results may vary. ANEWU Medical Spa, P.C. is reputable for customer satisfaction for completed treatments. Unless otherwise noted, testimonials provided for ANEWU Medical Spa, P.C. are customers of ANEWU Medical Spa, P.C. who have undergone complete treatment(s). No treatment is promised to provide permanent results and a guarantee is neither provided nor implied. Photos included on page are examples of possible results. Please consult with our staff to find out what may work best for you. Read our full disclaimer here.
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